Monday, October 8, 2012

Just getting started!

Hello All!

This will be the first post of many in our adventures of building our new home! We are very excited to be starting this process and can't wait to share all of the details to come!

Here is an update so far on how things have been going.

We have decided to build a Ryan Home.  We couldn't be more happy with the neighborhood and house that we have picked out.  As for the neighborhood, we knew we wanted something that had a real sense of community and something that A. and our other future children could grow up in and have neighborhood kids to play with.  With that being said, we also wanted to make sure that we still had a nice size lot and a good school system.  After looking through a lot of neighborhoods we fell in love with this one and are really excited for our kids to grow up here!

As of right now we are waiting on our pre construction meeting to break ground!  This should all get started by the end of October with a tentative move in/done building date to be around the beginning of February.  We have already gone and picked everything out ( which was harder than I thought it would be).  We even had to go back and repick our flooring, countertops and kitchen backsplash! are a few pictures of our selections so far:

This is a model of our house.  Our elevation is similar but does have a few differences.  Some of those are:
-  Our house is opposite of this with the garage on the right
- Instead of two windows on the front porch there is one circular window in the center
- We only have two eaves in the roof line not three as pictured above
- Our garage has another floor above it ( unlike what is pictured) and therefore has a double window like the other side ( this is where the bonus room is located)

We wanted to have this hunter green siding but it was not available.  So instead we went with a dark tan siding and ledge stones with black shutters and white trim.  We had a hard time choosing this as well because it was difficult to get a feel for the true color based on the small sample we were given to look at.  We were able to drive around and look at the different color combinations but we had to be careful what we chose because we could not have the same color for siding/stone as any of our neighbors in a certain amount of distance. ( which I can appreciate)

Here is a picture of our SOLD sign and the inside of the model with my two loves :)

 In the above picture you can see the kitchen from standing in the living room.  To the left is the morning room and back of the house and straight through the door is the formal dining room.  We actually chose these cabinets ( for those close to me know how much I love my black and white!)

Anyhow, we are excited to share with everyone our process and hopefully it continues to be a smooth one!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Welcome welcome! I have to say that I don't recognize that model...what are you building? It's great looking! :) I wish they allowed the darker color siding, too...we're getting a much lighter green and it just isn't the same.

    1. Thanks! We are building a Victoria Falls! So excited to get started and just found out our pre construction meeting is set for next week!

    2. Oh, okay! Your elevation doesn't look much like the model we visited, so that's why I didn't recognize it. I really, really liked the Victoria Falls, but it was much more expensive than our Rome.

  2. Well this was just a random photo I found off of the Internet ... I should probably take a picture of the model we visited because it is basically the same thing except we have ledge stone. I'll try and remember to do that on the next visit!

  3. But.... It is pretty darn close with the exception that our garage side is 2 floors due to the bonus room

  4. The model we were in was one of the more...Colonial?...elevations. It definitely didn't have the three small square windows on the second floor, that's what threw me.

  5. Could you turn off the word verification? Pretty pretty please? I'm really bad at them, it took me three tries on that last comment! :)

  6. Yeah, I really like the windows above the porch. On our elevation we actually have 4 medium size windows all the way across instead of 3 and then the larger one. It really adds light to the house.

    I have to say that each model you go in gives you a different feel and it is weird that happens since it is essentially the same house. We visited another V.Falls model after we had purchased and actually did not like it! So glad we could actually see what we chose so we won't have too many surprises!!

    I turned the word verification off :) I am new to this so don't really know many RH bloggers or all the ins and outs of blogging. I would like to get in touch with more but haven't had much luck, except you!

  7. Thanks for turning it off...those things are the bane of blogging existence. We don't get much spam on these blogs, so it's really not necessary.

    Is your blog still private? That will certainly keep people from finding you! But the best way to get in touch with others is to comment on their blogs. Most people will visit your site if you comment on theirs. I have a list of blogs as a tab on my page...I definitely recommend you comment on all the other Victoria Falls blogs that are still active, because those people will have the most pertinent info for you, but don't rule out anybody else! We all support each other, we're a happy little e-community. :)

  8. Hi Tiffany, welcome welcome welcome to the RH Family Blog Land!

    As you know we are building a Rome in Maryland. Our next door neighbors built a Victoria Falls and I absolutely lot the elevation. They put in a special request to have stone and brick on their exterior.

    I love the colors they used in the model photo.

    Happy Building! Nadase