Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting Anxious

We finally have our pre construction meeting set for Wednesday!!! We are very excited to sit down with our SR and our PM and finally get the ball rolling ( with progress we can actually see).  Yes, we have enjoyed picking things out but we are now ready to start to see some action on our lot!!!!

Last week when we talked to the SR he mentioned that they were still waiting on some permits to come back but they wanted to go ahead and start to take down some trees to get ahead since there are soooooooooo many of them.  In the end, this did not happen( which we are kinda glad) because everything came back the next day and he said it could wait until this week to do. :)

I took a ride over to the community today, knowing that there would be no progress, but I am more excited for this to start than a kid on Christmas Eve.  I went by a few lots to see how they were coming along.  Two houses in particular were actually moving along faster than I realized.  The one house that we snuck a peak in was actually done and they had the owners there( I am guessing this had to have happened within the last week or so) and the house next to it looked almost finished.  It is amazing how quickly things are going up and I am sure ours will be the same way ( fingers crossed).

On a different note, after reading some blogs about the master bath shower we have decided ( if it is possible) to go with the corner shelves for the soap, shampoo, etc.  We did not realize that the soap holder would not match the tile that is in the shower and since it has a glass surround I did not want that to be a sore to the eyes.  So, we spoke with the company and she hopes that this is possible because they are not sure if our appraisal has gone through yet or not.  We might be able to do it, we might not.  Either way we will not have the soap "thingy" installed and have to come up with some other solution but we are hoping to get the shelves. :)

Until Wednesday.......................


  1. Woo-hoo! Do they have a tentative ground-breaking date?

  2. Good luck getting the shelves in the shower. We are waiting to hear back from our SR on adding shelves to our master bathroom too. That white soap dish will ruin the look of the tile in my opinion.

  3. We were able to get the shelves! Thank goodness.... If not we were still going to have the dish removed. Hope it works out for you!