Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What 4 months looks like...

So, we have been in the house for about 4 months now.  We love everything about it but now we are just changing things to make it feel more like us.  This will be never ending and sometimes when I look around I feel like we haven't made a dent... And we really haven't! We have only painted one room and that is our daughters because she moved into a big girl bed.  What a difference paint can make!  Hopefully I can get more paint on the walls in the near future! Here's what we've done so far:


  1. Looks wonderful! Love the drapes in the morning room. I am so jealous you painted even 1 room! I can't wait to do that :-)

  2. Nice! Everything looks great! I love your morning and dining sets! Can't wait to see your paint colors.

  3. I have bought very similar curtains for my youngest daughters room! I can't wait to see them up. Her room is so adorable!